inFamous Second Son update adds HUD off, 30fps lock, time of day options

inFAMOUS_Second_Son 2Sony and/or Sucker Punch must be watching the gaming community very, very closely, because they have revealed today that the latest inFamous Second Son update will include some much requested features.

PS4 owners have been sharing some mighty impressive screen captures of Second Son’s stunning recreation of Seattle, and Sucker Punch is making it even easier by allowing the HUD to be turned off and users to set the time of day (after completing the game).

When we praised the game’s “seemingly smoother than 30fps framerate” in our review, it was because the game had an unlocked framerate which reached even higher on occasion. Smiliar to Killzone: Shadow Fall, the new update will allow users to lock down the framerate to exactly 30fps for those who aren’t fond of the effect and the occasional judder.

The patch, which may include other fixes and enhancements according to Sucker Punch, may be ready to go in around 2 weeks or so.

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