WildStar release date and pre-order information


After a lot of hype and anticipation over the release of WildStar, we finally have some hard dates to work with.  The pre-orders for WildStar will open Wednesday, March 19th.  The game’s release date is currently targeted for June 3rd, just a few short months away.  We also expect that NCSoft will be lifting the NDA on the beta today, so expect to see a flood of information, screens, and videos soon.
Read on for the announcement trailer, subscription details and pre-order info below.
WildStar trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”oC5eNNlGahQ”]
Now let’s talk about what you’ll get for pre-ordering:
  • Beta access to WildStar
  • 3-day headstart before the final version of the game goes live
  • Player and Guild name registration (date to be announced soon)
  • A rocket house!
  • Housing vanity items
  • Storage bag for in-game inventory
  • Special pre-order title for your characters
Wildstar is only available as a digital download in the US.  In Europe there will be limited physical copies.  The game comes in two editions, Standard ($60) and Digital Deluxe ($75).  Upgrade to Deluxe will be available to those that started with a Standard Edition.  The Deluxe Edition of the game includes these virtual items:
  • Special hoverboard with customization set
  • Special player title for your characters
  • Special dyes
Subscription and Credd
WildStar is a monthly subscription based MMO.  Monthly subscription rate is $15.  As an alternative to paying real money for the monthly subscription, players can purchase Credd from the in-game marketplace for in-game gold.  1 Credd = 1 month of play time.  1 Credd is purchased by players out of game for $20.  This is a free market system that provides both gold to players that want to pay real money for it, and free subscriptions to those who have the in-game gold to afford it.