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Nintendo DS Reviews

Thundercats review for Nintendo DS

Thundercats, noooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Pokemon Black and White 2 review for NDS

Rehashed gameplay aside, sequelizing Pokemon Black and White ends up being the biggest step forward the series has taken in quite some time, and makes for a worthwhile experience for Pokemon fans across the world.

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Pokemon Conquest review for Nintendo DS

Pokemon Conquest’s unique mix of traditional Pokemon hunting and Nobunaga’s Ambition strategy trappings results in a satisfying, and interesting mix of gameplay mechanics that shows the Nintendo DS still has a little bit of life to it.

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Devil Survivor 2 review for Nintendo DS

Devil Survivor’s first sequel hits the DS, marking one of the last “real” games to hit Nintendo’s aging piece of hardware. How does it stack up to the first? Read more in the full review at the link below!

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