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Source 2 and Left 4 Dead 3 Revealed Thanks to Unwitting Valve Tour Group

Today’s breach of security brought to you by Reddit.

And introducing Ted Carson.

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Is this another photo of the PS Orbis/PS4 Controller?

We are quite convinced that the original leaked photo of the PS Orbis/PS4 controller and devkit are legit, and now we (hopefully) may have another photo to prove it.

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Can It Be? Half-Life 3 rumours build Steam!

If a tweet by an independent game developer has any credibility, it may be time to start polishing up your crowbar and charging your HEV suit.  Chandana Ekanayake, jack of all trades at Uber Entertainment, makers of Monday Night Combat, tweeted a picture of a shirt being worn by a Valve employee  at a recent …

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