Barnes and Noble to stock Heroes of Barcadia in store

With St. Patrick’s Day coming soon, your options are to find some green clothes, go down to an overcrowded bar and pray you don’t get in trouble with a frat bro or you can gather your party, drink and have fun in the comfort of your own home with Heroes of Barcadia!

The boardgame game where your life points are potable, saw a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over 1.25 million dollars from over 137k backers. Now Rollacrit is trying to recruit more heroes by making the game available at retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble Bookstores!

So drop that magazine that you’re never going to buy and mosey over to the store’s board game section and pick up a copy of Heroes of Barcadia. Whether you do it as a duo or sextet, journey into an ever changing dungeon, slay monsters, collect power ups to take on the powerful Drink Guardian to reclaim the Drink Hoard that was pilfered from the citizens of Barcadia.

Heroes of Barcadia and its expansions are available now at the Rollacrit website, Amazon and coming soon to Barnes and Noble stores.

Stan Yeung

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